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Congress Makers is a UK-based global housing company, for all the major conferences around the world, with its registered office in London. Our services offer accommodation, transport and city tours. We also provide conference information, registration assistance and arrange everything from travelling to hotels so that you can attend all the important conferences, congresses and world meetings without any tension.

Congress Makers is just another name for reliability. We are here to provide you the best each and every time. To make event search easy for you, we have designed the most comprehensive listing site where information and assistance is just clicks away. You can rely upon our advanced event search-form to browse an international event happening anywhere in the world, and get the latest details of information such as venue, dates, etc. Just choose the name or location of the conference you want to attend and tell us. Our vigilant team will get back to you to make all arrangements for your tickets, hotel bookings, transport and everything else, so that you can stay relaxed without any need to worry.