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EFORT 2017

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EFORT 2017

  • 31 May 2017 to 03 Jun 2017
  • Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center
  • Wien / Austria

Whats About

In today’s speedily shrinking world and expeditious breakthroughs in medical sciences, it is implicit that the best practices in the field of medicine be readily & adequately shared for the greater good of Humanity. A noble step as this, affords mitigation of medical complexities to those who are less fortunate especially from the financial aspects of human existence. EFORT provides one such platform for meaningful and intellectual interaction between subject matter experts to dwell upon the complexities of fields of orthopaedics and trauma. The 18th EFORT 2017 which will be organized in the cerovious and culturally rich environs of Vienna, Austria from 31 May to 02 June 2017 will witness a series of Symposiums, instructional lectures, abstracts and discussions in the aforesaid fields to find solutions to existing and futuristic hindrances towards making the human race healthy. This season of EFORT is centered around ‘Sports Activities and Orthopaedic Practice’ and will be hosting the honorary Michael Freeman and Erwin Morscher Honorary Lectures by 2 internationally reputed orthopaedics who beyond doubt are the masters in their field. Towards professionalism this meet will offer latest evidence updates and educational material in the form of best practices being followed the world over. It is pertinent to mention that your contribution in the field of orthopaedics is noteworthy and we request your kind participation to enhance the intellectual value of this gathering. An abstract on your work, which may include practical experiences, points of concern, recommendations or any such thing which you deem necessary and fit to be discussed and highlighted in this fora supported by a presentation, will be necessary for a smooth understanding and assimilation of the audience. Anticipating to see you soon in Venice for a greater cause.

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EFORT Annual Congress Vienna 2017
31 May to 02 June 2017
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT
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27 February 2017
28 February to
02 May 2017
as of
03 May 2017
EFORT Academy Memberincluded in annual membershipEUR 105
Physician Member of European National SocietyEUR 490EUR 540EUR 620
Physician Non-MemberEUR 800EUR 850EUR 930
Resident in trainingEUR 280EUR 360EUR 410
StudentEUR 200EUR 200EUR 200
Nurse and other healthcare professionalEUR 200EUR 200EUR 200
Interactive Expert Exchanges
01 June 2017 | 10:15-12:30
Paying sessions for full-registered participants, limited capacity: pre-registration mandatory
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT
Fixation And Replacement Options In Femoral Intracapsular Fracture Trauma
Hip & Femur Trauma
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
The Infected Shoulder Arthroplasty Orthopaedics
Shoulder & Upper Arm
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
Septic Defects And Non-Unions Orthopaedics
Musculoskeletal Infections
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
Osteotomies Around The Ankle Orthopaedics
Foot & Ankle
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
Interactive Expert Exchanges
02 June 2017 | 10:15-12:30
Paying sessions for full-registered participants, limited capacity: pre-registration mandatory
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT
Revision Hip Arthroplasty Orthopaedics
Pelvis, Hip & Femur
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
Humeral Shaft Fractures
Shoulder & Upper Arm Trauma
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
Small Implants Update Orthopaedics
Knee & Lower Leg
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
Interdisciplinary Approach To Treat Complex Congenital Limb Deformities Orthopaedics
Paediatric Orthopaedics
EUR 40EUR 45EUR 49
One day courses
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT
up to
27 February 2017
28 February to
02 May 2017
as of
03 May 2017
The Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review Course (CRC) ONLY
Friday 02 June 2017
EUR 135EUR 145EUR 195
The Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review Course (CRC) along with 2 congress daysEUR 300EUR 365EUR 450
Advanced Course in Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement
Free session for full-registered participants, limited capacity: pre-registration mandatory
Thursday 01 June 2017
Special Sessions
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT
up to
27 February 2017
28 February to
02 May 2017
as of
03 May 2017
Easy Evidence Update
Wednesday 31 May 2017 – 09:00-12:00
EUR 60EUR 70EUR 85
Charity Run / Walk
(benefits the EFORT Foundation)
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT
up to
27 February 2017
28 February to
02 May 2017
as of
03 May 2017
5km Charity Run or 2.5km Charity Walk
Friday 02 June 2017 – 06h00-07h00
EUR 20EUR 20EUR 20

Program Highlights of the Events

  • Day 1 (31 May)
  • Day 2 (01 June)
  • Day 3 (02 June)

  1. Vienna
    • Free papers- Bearing System in THA
    • Evidence based Medicine- Prosthetic hip joint infection
    • Free papers- Miscellaneous in THA
  2. Lisbon
    • Symposium- Registry outcome in young patients with total joints
    • Free papers- Metal on metal
    • Instructional Lecture- Fast track in hip Arthoplasty
    • Free papers- fats track in Hip
    • Debate forum- Cemented v/s Cementless primary THA
  3. Munich
    • Free papers- Forefoot orthopaedic surgical treatment
    • Instructional lecture- Cavus foot
    • EFAS session
  4. Barcelona
    • Free papers- Forefoot and hind foot injuries
    • Clinical cases- Foot and ankle trauma
    • Free papers- Conservative treatment in Hip trauma
    • Instructional lecture- Hip fracture in the elderly, Impact of comorbidities
    • Free papers- Epidiemology and complications in Hip trauma
  5. Brussels
    • Symposium- Open fractures: Treatment reality in Europe
    • ESTES Session
    • Instructional lecture- Partial proximal tibia fractures
    • Free papers- Proximal tibia fracture
    • Free papers- Tibia shaft
  6. Madrid
    • ESSKA session
    • Instructional lecture- Optimising, Balancing and positioning in TKA
    • Free papers- ACL outcomes
    • Instructional lecture- Traumatic meniscus tears and degenerative lesions
  7. Helsinki
    • Symposium- Paediatric challenges : Competitive sportive v/s Physically inactive
    • EBM- The results of closed reduction of DDH
    • EPOS session
  8. Florence
    • FESSH session
    • EWAS session
    • Free papers- Soft tissue disorders of the hand and wrist
    • Clinical cases- hand and wrist
    • Free papers- Therapeutical options for the hand and wrist
  9. Nice
    • EuroSpine session
    • Free papers- Spine trauma
    • ISLASS session
    • Free papers- Spine Deformity
  10. Geneva
    • Symposium- The 3D plantification of total shoulder arthroplasty: Is it necessary?
    • Free papers- Shoulder and upper instability
    • Free papers- patient factors in TKA outcome
    • Clinical cases- Knee
    • Free papers- Surgical technique and results in TKA
  11. Berlin
    • Free papers- Elbow forearm general
    • Clinical cases- Elbow and forearm trauma
    • Instructional lecture- How to deal with a glenoid fracture?
    • Clinical cases- Shoulder and upper arm trauma
    • IL- Impaction injuries in the lower limb
  12. Copenhagen
    • Easy evidence updates- Lower limb
    • Symposium- EFFORT Foundation
    • Free papers- Hip dysplasia and arthroscopy
  13. Istanbul
    • Symposium- Return to sports after surgery for degenerative knee
    • Free papers- Assisted surgical techniques and results in TKA
    • Free papers- Challenges in high tibial osteotamies
    • Free papers- Complications in TKA
    • Free papers- Early knee osteoarthritis
  14. Paris
    • Symposium- The painful total hip arthoplasty
    • Instructional lecture- Sports activity after THA
    • Clinical cases- Hip
    • Instructional lecture- Advances in hip arthoplasty: What is justified?
    • Free papers- Systematic disorders and miscellaneous
  15. London
    • Symposium- Patient safety
    • Free papers- Quality improvement
    • Free papers- Varia trauma
    • Free papers- Polytrauma and sacrum trauma

  1. Vienna
    • Advanced course in total knee replacement
    • Advanced course in total hip replacement
  2. Lisbon
    • Free papers- Register studies: THA
    • Free papers- Cementless THA
    • Free papers- Technique in THA
    • Symposium- Management in knee injuries in professional alpine skiers
    • Symposium- Prevention and orthopaedics management of the most frequent football injuries
  3. Munich
    • EHS Session
    • Symposium- Stiff knee after TKA: How to deal with?
    • Complex case discussion management of infections in TKA
  4. Barcelona
    • Symposium- Selection approach for acetabular fracture
    • Debate forum- Infected osteosynthesis: Is drainage an option?
    • EPA session
    • Symposium- Proximal femur fractures in the young adult
    • Symposium- Fsatigue fractures of the lower limb
  5. Brussels
    • Symposium- Compartment Syndrome
    • ARTOF session
    • Free papers- Patellia and distal femur fractures
    • Complex case discussion – Primary joint replacement in knee fractures
    • Symposium- The floating knee
  6. Madrid
    • Symposium- Orthopaedics and trauma surgery in the world of formula 1
    • Free papers- Health economy and education
    • Educational lecture- Tips and tricks of using internet
    • Symposium- pay for performance
    • Symposium- How to improve your abstract for an international orthopaedic congresss?
  7. Helsinki
    • Symposium- Computer models in orthopaedic biomechanics research
    • Free papers- Biomechanics and methodology
    • AOTrauma/ AORecon symposium
    • EFFORT Session
  8. Florence
    • Symposium- Ligament instability of the hand and the wrist
    • Free papers- Hand and wrist trauma
    • Clinical cases- Hand and wrist trauma
    • SECEC session
  9. Nice
    • Clinical cases- Spine incl. trauma
    • Instructional lecture- Principles of correction maneuvers
    • Free papers- Spine miscellaneous
    • Free papers- degenerative spine
    • Symposium- Lower back pain- Still and unsolved problem
  10. Geneva
    • Free papers- Modern therapy of brain sarcoma
    • Clinical cases- Tumors
    • Instructional lectures- Malignant tumors of the foot
    • Symposium- Advances in the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas
    • Free papers- management of soft tissue sarcoma
  11. Berlin
    • Symposium- Trends in pediatric supracondylar humeral fractures
    • Free papers- Paediatric elbow trauma- Knee and pelvic injuries
    • Free papers- Sports injuries meet forearm trauma in children
    • Symposium- Effective publishing : How to improve your chances?
    • Symposium- Invited nation
  12. Copenhagen
    • Symposium- Treatment of the proximal femoral fractures: Internal or fixation or arthoplasty
    • IEE Fixation and replacement options in femoral intracapsular fracture
    • Free papers- Shoulder and arm trauma surgical treatment
    • Free papers- Conservative and surgical treatment in shoulder trauma
  13. Istanbul
    • Free papers- Shoulder and upper arm: Joint replacement
    • IEE- The infected shoulder arthroplasty
    • Free papers- Key factorsin ACL reconstruction
    • Free papers- Design and outcomes in TKA
  14. Paris
    • Free papers- Infections: Epidiemology, prevention and diagnosis
    • IEE- Septic defects and non unions
    • ESTROT session
    • Complex case discussion- Return to sports activities after orthopaedic ann trauma surgery in obese patients
  15. London
    • Symposium- Tendinopathies around the ankle
    • IEE- Osteomaies around the ankle
    • Free papers- Ankle OA and Hindfoot disorders
    • Free papers- Foot and ankle miscellaneous

  1. Vienna
    • Symposium- How to optimize primary THA?
    • Clinical cases- Hip
    • Free papers- Short stem
    • Symposium- Periprosthetic fracture in THA
    • Free papers- FAI and Hip dysplasia
  2. Lisbon
    • smnt11Comprehensive review course
  3. Munich
    • Symposium- Choice of bearings in primary THA
    • Free papers- Cup orientation in THA
    • Free papers- Stability THA
    • NORE Session
    • Symposium- Current knowledge on Mom: What have we learnt 10 years late?
  4. Barcelona
    • Symposium- Terror attacks: Are we prepared?
    • Evidence based medicine- Treatment options in proximal humeral fractures
    • Instructional lecture- Nerve injuries of the upper extremity
    • Symposium- Cervical spine injuries in sorts practice
    • Clinical Cases- Knee trauma
  5. Brussels
    • Symposium- Treatment of options of intra-articualr radius fractures
    • Clinical cases- Hip trauma
    • Free papers- Extracapsular and intracapsular fractures
    • Free papers- Periprosthetic and diaphyal fractures
  6. Madrid
    • Symposium- Early rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction in the young athletic patient
    • Free papers- Knee: Patients perception and satisfaction
    • Instructional lecture- Patello femoral joint : Dysplasia and dislocation
    • Symposium- Ostetomy around the knee: Techniques, Results and Expectations
    • Symposium- Long term results and functional outcomes of TKA
  7. Florence
    • EBJIS Session
    • Instructional Lecture- Chronic orthopaedic infections
    • Clinical cases- Infections
    • Symposium- Infection: Specialization, interdisciplinary cooperation in Europe
    • Free papers- Infections: Infection after arthoplasty and osteosynthesis
  8. Nice
    • Free papers- Tendon bone cartilage experimental biology
    • Instructional lecture- Imaging in Periprosthetic assessment
    • Free papers- Basic science studies
    • EORS Session
    • Symposium: e-Health applications in orthopaedic research
  9. Geneva
    • Symposium- Morton neuroma: State of the art
    • XClinical cases- Foot and ankle
    • Instructional lecture- Arthroscopy in hindfoot injury
    • Symposium- Talus fractures
    • Free papers- Ankle and Pilon fractures
  10. Berlin
    • Free papers- Shoulder and upper arm: Joint preserving surgery and soft tissue repair
    • Clinical cases- Shoulder and upper arm
    • Instructional lecture- Acromion and glenoid shape
    • Free papers- Shoulder and upper joint replacement
    • Complex case discussion- Massive rotator cuff tears
  11. Copenhagen
    • Symposium- Anterior and Posterior, acute and chronic sports related dislocations
    • IEE- Humeral shaft fractures: Conservative v/s plate v/s nail
    • Symposium- Partial articular fractures around the elbow
    • Free papers- Elbow trauma
  12. Istanbul
    • Free papers- Unicompartmental knee replacement and results
    • IEE – Small implants update
    • Symposium- Rapid recovery after THA and TKA in younger and elderly active patients
    • Free papers- Knee ligament and miscellaneous
  13. Paris
    • Free papers- THA revision surgery
    • IEE – Revision hip arthroplasty
    • Symposium- Difficulty primary THA
    • Complex case discussions- Complex primary THA after osteotomies and hip fractures
  14. 14.London
    • Free papers- Pediatrics :Bone and joint infections and rare conditions
    • IEE- Inter disciplinary approaches to treat complex congenital limb deformities
    • Clinical cases-pediatrics
    • Free papers- Pediatric networking around the pediatric hip and growth