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Genetic and Protein Engineering International Conference 2017

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Genetic and Protein Engineering International Conference 2017

  • 08 Nov 2017 to 09 Nov 2017
  • Hampton Inn Tropicana, Las Vegas
  • Nevada / United States

Whats About

The 3rd edition of the Genetic and Protein Engineering International Conference will take place in the stunning surroundings of Las Vegas in USA from 8th to 9th November 2017. Technology and science have been the reason for the growth and progress of mankind, and it is the continuous research work that helps in making newer discoveries for giving better medical solutions for the overall health and well being of all individuals. This medical conference will update all scientists, researchers, biologists, geneticist and other healthcare professionals linked to the said fields to learn, educate and incorporate the latest scientific and technological developments made through research work into their existing work in order to make bigger discoveries and for a better tomorrow. Knowledge packed educational and scientific sessions along with the grand exhibition by commercial and non-commercial organizations, will give all attendees the perfect chance to learn and dwell upon the various research work and studies that are carried out on genetic and protein engineering. Come learn and make associations with peers and professionals from around the globe, to take these fields of medical science to higher levels of excellence. Events you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • Technology enriched workshops.
  • B2B meetings to take your work a notch higher.
  • Latest products & equipments exhibited by the best in the medical industry.
  • Plenary sessions covering all arrays of genetic & protein engineering.
  • Knowledge packed interactive sessions & keynote lectures by the experts.
Dates to Remember:
  • 8 November 2017 – Final call for registrations
  • 8-9 November 2017 – Conference dates

Program Highlights of the Events

  • Day 1 (08 November)
  • Day 2 (09 November)

  • Keynote Forums
  • Ram Samudrala
  • Robert Stroud
  • Session Introduction on various Titles
  • The gene expression evidence-base and its relevance to translational applications, including prevention
  • Nano-assembly of Amyloid β peptide: Role of the hairpin fold
  • De novo design and characterization of circular tandem repeat proteins
  • BioTethering: A novel approach to engineering therapeutics proteins
  • Self-navigating drug- delivery vehicles driven by phages selected from polyvalent ‘landscape’ phage libraries through their inter- and intracellular migration
  • Endotoxin reduction in protein solutions using octyl β-D-1-thioglucopyranoside wash on chromatography media
  • High-level soluble expression, purification and characterization of active human midkine from Escherichia coli
  • Novel signal peptides improve the secretion of recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Alpha toxinH35L in Escherichia coli

  • Keynote Forums
  • Abdellah Salhi
  • David Mead
  • Session Introduction on various Titles
  • A rationally designed mutant of plasma platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase hydrolyzes the organophosphorus nerve agent soman
  • Harnessing and enhancing the natural properties of albumin as a drug carrier by rational protein engineering
  • Accelerating protein production; high efficiency tags, fusions and automated purification