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International Conference on Early Childhood and Science Education

  • 21 May 2017 to 22 May 2017
  • Hollywood Media Hotel GmbH
  • Germany

Whats About

The overall development of a child starts from the very onset of their birth, be it his/her learning abilities or physical capabilities and continues progressing with their growing age. Discoveries and research work in the field of early child development is beneficial for the all round growth of the child. On the other hand the evolution of science has been and will continue to keep evolving. Studies, discoveries and research work in early childhood and science education play a vital role for forming a bright future for a child. The impact that a child has in early childhood, be it his experiences or thing taught to him will make him more knowledgeable and inquisitive to learn more. The International Conference on Early Childhood and Science Education is being held at Berlin, Germany on 21st and 22nd May’ 2017. The main focus of this conference is to find out, evaluate and study the discoveries made by leading research scientists, child psychologists, educators, scholar’s and scientists on the various aspects of early childhood and science education and how changes can be made to improve them.Practical knowledge, innovative techniques and the needed remedies will be subjects that will be discussed at this conference. Be a part of this conference and contribute in the development of these fields by submitting your abstracts, e-posters and papers on the research work and discoveries done by you. Important deadlines for ICECSE 2017 are:

  1. Abstracts or Full-Text Paper Submission – 10     February 2017
  1. Notification of Acceptance/Rejection – 28 February 2017
  1. Final Paper Submission & Early Bird Registration Deadline – 21 April 2017

Programme Details

The programme at ICECSE 2017 is divided into 11 sessions covering 158 topics. Few of the topics are as under:


  • Cotton: A neglected crop in tropical regions, West of Iran
  • Evaluation of soil chemical properties and organic matter content affected by Municipal solid waste compost in sweet corn planting
  • Optimizing the efficiency of measuring instruments in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
  • Improvement of water quality of Al Asfar lake using constructed wetland system
  • Dissolved organic nitrogen in antibiotic production wastewater treatment plant effluents
  • Evaluation of groundwater quality in north-west region of Punjab, India
  • Assessment of Industrial wastewater pollution in developing countries: Current pollution level in Rwanda
  • Passive Attenuation of nitrogen species at northern mine sites
  • Assessment of rainfall erosivity, comparison among methods: Case of Kakheti, Georgia
  • Design of the two-channel Quincunx quadrate mirroe filter banks using digital all-pass lattice filters
  • Alternator fault detection using winger-ville distribution
  • Ankh key broadband array antenna for 5g applications
  • The challenges of Hyper textual learning approach for religios education
  • Using Monte Carlo model for simulation of rented housing in Mashhad, Iran
  • Urgency of Islamic economic system implementation in Indonesian banking
  • Entrepreneurial dynamism and socio-cultural context
  • Evaluating the water balance of Sokoto Basement complex to water security challenges
  • Re-scaling system of region depend on spatial  flows and natural/cultural linkages
  • Senior entrepreneurship: A review and research agenda
  • System dynamics model for entrepreneurial recycling
  • Promoting innovation using the mission model canvas
  • The impact of social media on University student’s learning
  • Evidence based practice: Inclusive education for the effective implementation for children with Autism spectrum disorder
  • Contectualizing symbol, Symbolizing context
  • Analysing the perceptions of basic school drop-outs sense of school belonging in two coastal towns in the central region of GhanaThe views of German preparatory language programme students about German speaking activity
  • The challenge of decentralized education policy for teachers in Indonesian contexts
  • Review of currently adopted intelligent programming tutors
  • Design an artificial oil body-cyanogen bromide technology platform for expression of small bioactive petide, Mastoparan B
  • Mental health and well being- Whose job is it anyways?
  • Development, evaluation and scale-up of a mental health care plan in Nepal
  • Phenolic, content and antioxidant activity of some medicinal plant from the west Algeria and their traditional use
  • The impact of stigma on the course of mental illness: A brief review
  • Suicide, help-seeking and youth: A mixed methods study
  • Spiritual recovery of people with bipolar disorder in Malaysia: A grounded theory study
  • Social anxiety, parental criticism and the mediating role of early maladaptive schemas
  • Priority analysis for Korean disaster mental health service using analytic hierarchy process
  • Mastery and lifestyle intervention to prevent preterm birth among Latinas
  • Solid angle approach to qualify the shape of daughter cavity in drying nano colloidal sessile droplets
  • Heat transfer characteristics of film condensation
  • A stimulation study of E-glass reinforced polyurethane foot bed and investigation of some parameters effecting elastic behavior of foot bed material
  • Studying the implementation of 5s system in Egyptian garment entreprisis
  • Eco-friendly natural dyes from Butea Monosperma and their application on cotton fabric
  • Structural damage to industrial buildings and infrastructure following major earthquakes
  • Constructive cost comparisation and benefit of passive house and conventional house: A case study
  • Investigation on hydrogenation reaction of Mg17aI12 alloy by annealing
  • Interdigitated flexible li-ion battery by aerosol jet printing
  • Selective separation of lead Ions using new nano-adsorbent Gh 92
  • Pesticide formulations for decreasing toxicity and environmental damage without loss of efficiency