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EASL 2019

The International Liver Congress

  • 10 Apr 2019 to 14 Apr 2019
  • Vienna Austria
  • Vienna / Austria

Whats About

EASL is committed to furthering research in the field of hepatology to improve the lives of everyone affected by liver disease. The combined efforts of all stakeholders in the public and private sectors, and civil society are essential to halting and reversing liver disease. As such, EASL acknowledges that every voice is valued. EASL embraces freedom of expression during The International Liver Congress(ILC) as an essential principle in the response to progressing liver disease and in promoting full participation during the congress. However, EASL is responsible for maintaining the safety of all attendees and as such, must balance the need of allowing all participants to be heard while ensuring the Congress is not disrupted.


  • The International Liver Congress™, the annual meeting of the association, uniting over 10,000 liver experts
  • 1 EASL Special Conference with sponsorship opportunities for those interested in Hepatology
  • Up to 3 EASL Monothematic Conferences
  • 3 Schools of Hepatology (1 basic science and 2 clinical courses) dedicated to young investigators
  • Every other year, 1 HCC Summit combining both basic science and clinical research
  • A series of ‘Best of EASL’ events around the globe

Last Year Statistics

The scientific session is the world premier diabetes meeting, bringing together over 14000 Participants including more than 11000 physicians, clinicians, nurses, dietitians, CDE A and researchers, Join over 145 companies representing 700 booths.