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ESPE 2019

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The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology

  • 19 Sep 2019 to 21 Sep 2019
  • Vienna , Austria
  • Vienna / Austria

Whats About

The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) is an international organisation aiming to improve clinical care of children and adolescents with endocrine conditions, including diabetes, through research and education. Paediatric endocrinology is a specialty of children's medicine (paediatrics) caring for babies, children and adolescents with growth, puberty, sexual development problems and other disorders of the hormone producing glands of the body. These include diabetes, thyroid and adrenal gland problems, early and late puberty, and growth hormone deficiency. ESPE is now one of the largest and well regarded international scientific communities of paediatric endocrinologists, with over 1,200 members from over 91 countries. ESPE has been officially designated by the European Commission as the body responsible for organising and monitoring training in paediatric endocrinology.

ESPE Mission
The mission of ESPE is to advance excellence in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes by promoting research, education and medical practice to the benefit of child and adolescent health throughout the world.

ESPE Strategy

  • Develop and assess evidence-based clinical standards of care
  • Organise and monitor training activities specifically designed to fulfil the specific needs of trainees
  • Work closely with other international organisations to expand and disseminate knowledge
  • Serve and communicate effectively with members at all stages of their career and practice in the field of paediatric endocrinology and diabetes

Last Year Statistics

The scientific session is the world premier diabetes meeting, bringing together over 14000 Participants including more than 11000 physicians, clinicians, nurses, dietitians, CDE A and researchers, Join over 145 companies representing 700 booths.