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IDF 2017

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International Diabetes Federation Congress 2017

  • 04 Dec 2017 to 08 Dec 2017
  • Abu Dhabi
  • United Arab Emirates

Whats About

Come and explore the beautiful, rich and culturally diverse city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an intellectually enhancing and professionally satisfying experience by being part of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Congress 2017 to be held from 4th to 8th December 2017. The IDF has been pioneers in spreading knowledge and educating people regarding diabetes and its harmful effects since 1950. In collaboration with about 230 national diabetes associations in various countries of the world, the IDF has been working hard to provide all assistance, knowledge and remedy methods for various diabetes related problems. Diabetes is a growing cause of concern for patients and doctors all across the world as it causes a lot of limitations and restrictions on the lifestyle of the individuals suffering from it. Updated scientific and educational knowledge is the only way in the medical field to provide awareness for the best and latest medical procedures and medications to help patients fight various diseases. Main attractions and highlights of IDF Congress 2017

  • Lectures by 200 world renowned and newcomer speakers specializing in the fields of diabetic healthcare.
  • New and innovative lunch time exercise classes to get refreshed and rejuvenated in between congress sessions.
  • E-Poster presentations, plenary& abstract sessions and exhibitions showcasing world class products, services and equipment.
  • 160 Hours of educational and scientific sessions.
  • IDF 5K Run for enriching and enlightening people about diabetes.

Registration Details

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18 August 2017
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13 November 2017
4-8 December 2017
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Reduced rate1 400 600 700 330
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Low income economies3 220 330 440 165

Programme Details

The 2017 IDF Congress will have various scientific and educational sessions streamlined in 9 streams. These streams are:

  1. Basic and clinical science
  2. Science of diabetic complications
  3. Diabetic foot
  4. Diabetes and disasters
  5. Diabetes in society and culture
  6. Diabetes in women and children
  7. Education and integrated care
  8. Epidemiology and public health
  9. Living with diabetes