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GDPR Compliance

Congress Makers believe in the protection of online privacy of its customers. All current and future pages, as well as websites maintained by Congress Makers, is governed by this policy. Congress Makers utilize the information collected about its customers to understand how the website is being used, to provide its customers with the information they requested on Congress Makers. In order to understand how Congress Maker uses your personal information, kindly go through the policy as follows. The policy is subject to periodic changes, wherein you will be intimated of the same.

1: Identifiable Information collected from customers:

One can gain access to the pages of Congress Makers without disclosing your personal details, except for the online order service; which means the information collected by Congress Maker totally is based on how the Congress Maker website is used by you. Unless you voluntarily disclose your personal information like name, address, email address, phone number, etc. Congress Maker never collects such information on its own. Congress Makers might request information during certain situations wherein they wish to offer you exclusive services or wish to correspond with you. Congress Makers assures you that the information you share will never be disclosed with third parties except where the requested service is to be provided or the information is requested by law.

Personal Information like name, address, phone number, etc. is collected by Congress Maker website when:
I) The customer logins to the website of Congress Maker to request for certain information or to give feedback or to be part of a discussion group or subscribe to the newsletter.
II) If the customer places an order using the website of Congress Makers, credit card details may be required, this would be sent across to an online payment service that is secure and individually hosted.
III) Any website of Congress Makers that have requirements to collect any personal information, will have a privacy policy published. In such a situation, specific policies complement the general policy, and extra details will be provided for the specific website.

Also, note that any data is collected by Congress Makers with your permission and is kept safe in databases or mailing lists of Congress Makers. No credit card details are saved or used by Congress Makers.

2: Usage of Information:

CONGRESS MAKERS utilizes any information collected on its customers, only for the purpose of sending you any information you request for, or to provide any service you order, and to improve its own understanding of visitors to the website.

The information is not distributed, rented or sold to any third party.
3: Information-sharing:

Any personal information which identifies with the customer, will not be disclosed without your permission and only where it’s required by law. Congress Makers ensures your personal data is safe.

4: Modifying, deleting personal information or Opting out of services:

At any point in time, one can either modify the information or cancel it by going back to the webpage where the data had been provided. In case contact details are not available on the webpage, you could email us at in case you wishes have your information deleted or if you require any other information. The correctness of information is taken quite seriously at Congress Makers.

5: Choices provided to customers with respect to the collection, usage, and distribution of information:

If you have requested for information on any new products of Congress Maker, it will be sent to you via email or other ways. In case you have subscribed to the newsletters or regular email updates, it will be sent to you by Congress Maker.

You have the option to indicate that you do not need such emails or newsletters either by contacting us directly or by unsubscribing.

6: Protection of personal information:

At Congress Makers, we ensure that any personal data provided is safe and secure in our systems. However, there is no guarantee that any information submitted over the internet is 100% safe. Due to this, Congress Makers cannot confirm the safety of personal data that has been submitted- customers submit the data at their own risk.

7: Information that is automatically collected:
(a) Cookies:

Cookies are used by websites of Congress Makers to give you a better web experience. A cookie is a trail of information that consists of only text and is stored by your browser on your computer. It has data on your visit, which is used by the browser to customize specific pages or even elements. A cookie might be used to pass on a unique number that is randomly generated, to the server, for the purpose of statistical analysis. A cookie cannot identify you all by itself. It usually includes the domain name, lifetime and expiry period of the cookie, along with a text value or some exclusive number generated at random.

In case you wish to opt out during receiving cookies, the browser could be modified to notify you about cookies or reject them. However, accepting cookies will help you experience the interactive aspects of the website of Congress Makers. Hence, it is advised to permit cookies to enjoy all the features of the website of Congress Makers.

(b) Log files:

The web server of Congress Makers is similar to other servers which make use of log files. Log files record data like the IP address of the service provider, the brand and version number of the browser, any search terms used, referring websites, the average duration of visits, an average of requested pages, the complete visitor traffic as well as information collected for aggregate use.