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About Us

About Congress Makers

Thanks for choosing to visit our company page. Most people wish to know about the company before the deal with it. Appreciating this, we thought of explaining to our customers in the way they may best understand.

We now have customers from over 60 countries who choose us to make reservations in the restaurants, organising transfers for their groups, hotel reservations, registration facilitations and many more services within the gambit of the Health Care Industry. Everything a Health Care Professional needs while planning to attend any Academic Meeting across Europe & America.

Our Team consists of people from diversified cultures and nationalities. We have a ratio of 10 clients : 1 consultant for every corporate contact. This is probably why Travel Agencies who work as facilitators to their Pharma Customers also choose to deal with us. At any given day of the year, we are handling atleast 200 people which sometimes goes upto 2000 also. With a capacity to handle over 10,000 people, we stand as the best choice for people choosing to visit a Medical Meeting anywhere in Europe & America.

We have 5 International Offices across 4 continents out of 7. Congress Makers is a Global Brand dedicated to master the art of medical conferencing.

As part of our contribution towards the society, we look after a village in Asia. Every $ transacted through us adds a Penny towards our efforts in making lives of a few natives of tribe deep within the forest.

Our Agenda is above increasing revenues every year. Instead we choose to chase our dream of making world a better place to live and travel.

Editorial Chief, Corporate Communications